What’s on

The club’s formal season runs from April to October each year.

As a member, you are also welcome to play outside of the club’s formal season on Sundays.

Dates in 2018Activity
February 28AGM, 7:00pm - The Crown Pub
April 1Rusty Rackets - Season begins
May 3Thursday evening - Evening tennis begins
May 6Try for free - Special come and try
May 13Open Tournament - For local charity, £5 donation
June 17Try for free - Special come and try - plus picnic
June 24Try for free - Special come and try
July 15Wimbledon Final - Bring strawberries
September 2Try for free - Special come and try
September 9Annual BBQ, 4:00pm
September 27Thursday evening - Evening tennis finishes
October 28Season finishes - End of season tournament
December 16Christmas meal

Tennis Club Host

April1st - Mark8th - Brian15th - Graham22nd - Diana29th - Paul
May6th - Jackie13th - Bryan20th - Jan27th - Darren
June3rd - Kevin10th - Steve17th - David24th - Helen
July1st - Phil8th - Brian15th - Graham22nd - Jan29th - Jackie
Aug5th - Paul12th - Bryan19th - Jan26th - Darren
Sept2nd - Kevin9th - Steve16th - David23rd - Helen30th - Paul
Oct7th - Mark14th - Brian21st - Phil28th - Diana

Come and play

Sunday morning tennis
1 April to 28 October
10am to 12noon

Thursday evening tennis
3 May to 27 September
7pm to 8pm

Multi-Games Facility
Norfolk Road Playing Fields
Bowling Green Lane